Communication & Mediation / Breaking Through Barriers / Transition Support / Self Esteem (More To Life ) /  Visioning &  Power of Purpose (MTL)

Zest for Life periodically runs 

Small Group courses known as:


*  Power of Self Esteem

*  Power of Purpose


These Mentor or Power courses 

were created and are licensed

under the More to Life



They are experiential and

provide tools to practice

understanding and releasing

habitual ways of seeing and acting, in order to open to new opportunities and choices that might previously have been missed.

These short courses can be run over a weekend, or once a

week for five to six weeks often with two mentors in a group of 6 to 15 people.

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Zest for Life has worked within two organisations to create workshops specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals in supporting recovery from challenging, unwanted or traumatic events in their lives.

There are benefits from having independent mentors working within a business or organisation as a result of their fresh eyes, new tools and unbiased approach.


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Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

Quite incredible... Felicity is amazing at running a group and guiding us to new positive places ... so very  very special. Thank you.






It was quite an amazing session with you... and I felt honoured to have you as our facilitator.


I felt we had all expanded our consciousness and universal trust – very insightful and I really received the message of how we need to tread so gently with each other, honouring individuals –time frame – in personal growth and ones journey, gently, gently, whispering like the breeze.