FIND YOUR VOICE .... your unique style  


                                         It took me years to find my voice                                          growing up in an intellectually                                            bright family with very high                                                standards. I didn't understand as                                          the youngest that having my                                                opinion dismissed didn't mean that                                          I was stupid nor had anything                                              useful to say.      

It took leaving home and much searching to learn that real self esteem was not about proving myself to the world nor family but about finding my unique talents and embracing this with less judgement.


I realised that how I dealt with my challenges was more important to my self beliefs than the 'status' symbols that often got mistaken for self worth.

Can you identify with this?

Do you fully embrace who you are and give voice to your uniqueness or do you stifle this and live under the radar for fear of your own and other's judgements or in fear of not being liked?

I'd love to hear.

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