Of particular interest to Zest for Life is working with individuals to recover from the effects of unexpected and unwanted life events which may have left them challenged to embrace their new circumstances.

Felicity Campbell

Felicity Campbell, B. Hort Sc, Dip LA

ICF Member,  More to Life Professional Coach 

Self Esteem and Power of Purpose Mentor (MTL), Landscape Architect, Buteyko Practitioner Trainee

Felicity is a qualified Professional Life Coach and mentor at Zest for Life. 


She is accredited with the More to Life Foundation and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Her holistic approach includes the practice of mindfulness in her own life and as part of her coaching.

She brings her life experience, intuition and creativity to work with individuals and groups in a personalised and experiential way.


She is also training as a Buteyko breathing practitioner having successfully used this method to manage asthma without drugs after 35 years of medication.  


Totally enrolled with this and it makes a difference ...  Coaching has been very good ... You add a lot of wisdom to things ...  our talks have been very good ….you get a good rating.


I got more productive …. I attribute that to you (maybe not solely you) but a significant part and that is big ….  My overall sense of self is good …I’m a worthwhile effective person .. that has happened during the course of our coaching.

 David (New York musician)




For over 7 years Felicity has worked as a mentor and life coach, privately in one on one sessions, and also in group workshops and within organisations such as the mental health WISE group, and more recently with the Waikato / Bay of Plenty Cancer Society.

Her employment with the WISE group was based in a Wellness retreat designed specifically to support 

individuals to recover and rebalance in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. 


More recently she has teamed up with the Cancer Society to create a program called Living Your Life, for those who are 18 months post-treatment 

With circumstances often radically changed after illness such as cancer, the program is designed to support individuals to find 'solid ground' again, or even for the first time, to be 'at ease' within themselves and learn how to support and choose their next steps from an empowered place.

It is now well known that having hope and a sense of purpose makes a huge difference in supporting recovery from and prevention of illness. 

'PNI (psychoneuroimmunnology) studies have shown that ...optimism, active participation in recovery .... and regular emotional expression contribute to a better-functioning immune system'

- Phil Kerslake