Stop Talking, START LIVING

Are you like me?

Sometimes the stuff we go through and the busy-ness of our 'on-call' lives can cause us to feel in overwhelm.

We become disatisfied from never really finishing anything - the 'bell' always goes too soon - or unfinished business becomes clutter in our heads and hearts.

Soon we can lose sight of our very essence and why we are doing what we are or what we want in our lives. In fact we find ourselves 'doing life'.

It becomes easy then to zone out with 'junk food' for the brain .... with computer games and social media and also junk food for the body.

Artificial Intelligence may not yet control us but when I think about how much time I spend and others habitually spend on Facebook, mobile phones and computers

alone, then I can see that indirectly you and I are already being controlled externally unless we individually take control and set some priorities and boundaries. In fact we apparently on average look at our technology at least once every 37 secs whilst awake.

Perhaps this is you?! If you would like to challenge this behaviour then Zest for Life Coaching can help you to take back control with clear choices being made and accountability in place.

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